• Incontinennce pads / Under Pads

      The waterproof incontinence pads /under pads / Bed Paddies ensures that the mattress will last longer (or has a longer life).

      The bottom has a special polyurethane coating of (85X90 cms) so that moisture cannot penetrate, waterproof, breathable and hypoallergenic.

      The top is made of 100% cotton, 2nd layer: 100% polyester needle punch for absorption of liquids 2,62 liter per m2

      Third layer: PU Films,

      4th layer: 100% polyester brushed .

      Tucks: Poly Cotton Twill fabric .

      Colour: White (Optical bleached)

      Washable: 95 ° C.

      The stitch cloth is available in size 85 X 90 cm Incontinence Pads (Under Pad) water proof.

      Size:85X90cm will be water proof part .it Has Two tucks on shorter side-which will come under the mattress When It will be laid on the mattress

      Packing: In a poly bag with paper insert.

      Specs: Front: 100% Cotton 76×68 3030,

      2nd layer: 100% polyester needle punch sheet

      third layer: PU Films

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